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Welcome to our Community! 
We are a warm and welcoming inclusive community of women loving women of all ages and styles ranging from 20-90 years young! It will be wonderful to spend time together, appreciate our similarities and differences, learn from one another and share a unique one-of-a-kind experience that only this perfect group of women will inevitably be creating. 
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Pali Mountain Retreat Center
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A Weekend of Being Together

Big Bear Lake & Village

Singles & Couples Welcome​

This is a women loving women retreat where we will focus on spending quality time together over this special holiday three day weekend.  There will lots of opportunities to frolic and play.

Icebreakers & Group Games

There will be group led games and activities all designed for you to meet and get to know each other.  We will also provide opportunities for being in small groups as well as connecting one on one. I think many of us are really missing more personal kinds of interactions.  Let's have some fun with it!


We will have all kinds of fun activities available! Our imagination is the only limit. We have taken over the basketball court and turned it into a pickleball court for the whole weekend! We can show newbies how to play too. It's so much fun and doesn't take that much physical fitness and skill.  I know there is at least one woman who can lead some line dancing too. 
Of course, there are beautiful hiking trails and even a treehouse to relax in. See below for more activities!


There is so much to do in Big Bear!

We will rent pontoon boats for those that love being on the water and spend some time

touring the lake and enjoying the sun. There

are also paddleboards and waverunners

available to rent. 

The quaint village is a great place to walk around, shop and indulge in tasty treats.

There are also three excellent escape rooms that I highly recommend. Solve puzzles in order to escape. It's a super fun teambuilding activity.

Riding up the tram is always a great option. The views are breathtaking and you can also eat and hike at the top.  For some adult fun, ride up the ski lift and take the Alpine Slide

back down! 

Please note: A few activities have an extra charge and require advanced reservations. You will have a chance to sign up during the registration process.

If you would like to lead any type of activity ranging from a game including poker, class, meeting, hike, open mic, DJing, improv, line dancing, discussion, kareoke, icebreakers, art projects, captain a pontoon or whatever else comes to mind, please reach out to me. Almost anything is possible. I would LOVE to empower y'all to jump in.  Also, if you have any time and energy to volunteer either on-site at the registration table, logistics OR with supporting me between now and Memorial Day, that would be totally awesome!  It's a big job and I'd love the help. If you're in, please post a comment on the community page whichever section applies.  It takes a village, remember?

Volunteers Wanted!!
Here's your chance to lead & contribute
It takes only willingness, not expertise

This is a collaborative experience and some activities will be unfolding organically as we go. Let's see what we can dream up!

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Additional payment for any of these two activities will be made when you register
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Would you consider...

Making a donation of any size? There are members that would love to come but don't have the funds. All proceeds will go directly to our sisters...

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